Aboriginal Communities Matter Advisory Group (ACMAG)

The Aboriginal Communities Matter Advisory Group (ACMAG) was established in 2003 and members provide leadership and mentoring for new Aboriginal trainers and workers. A Memorandum of Understanding is in place with ECAV to ensure an Aboriginal voice is present in decisions around workforce development, training, resource development and policy initiatives.

ACMAG is a highly experienced group of women and men with expertise in child protection, sexual assault, family and domestic violence, racism, white privilege and culturally safe practices. ACMAG provides advice and guidance on clinical and educational programs to the NSW Heath Education Centre Against Violence and the New Street Services Network. New Street Services provide therapeutic interventions for children and young people with sexually harmful behaviours.

ACMAG's brief is to empower individuals, families and communities - building on, strengthening and expanding the capacities of Aboriginal communities to address and overcome interpersonal violence.

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