The NSW Health Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV) is a statewide unit responsible for workforce development in the specialist areas of prevention and response to violence, abuse and neglect. This includes creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that is safe and comfortable for all people and communities, including Aboriginal communities, people from migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds, people with disability and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & intersex (LGBTQI) community.

Established for over 35 years, ECAV provides statewide face to face and online worker training, community awareness and development programs, agency and policy consultation, clinical supervision and resource development for NSW Health, other government and non-government organisations.

ECAV Manages a number of statewide NSW Health workforce development initiatives such as the Adult Sexual Assault Medical & Forensic Care; Violence, Abuse & Neglect Specialist Support & Counselling Services; Aboriginal Family Wellbeing & Violence Prevention Network; Domestic Violence Routine Screening Implementation and Child Protection Facilitator Training.

ECAV has 6 training portfolio areas:

Aboriginal Programs

ECAV has been working with Aboriginal Communities since 1985. During this time the organisation has developed rapport and trust resulting in a high profile amongst key Aboriginal people. ECAV is commi ...

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Cultural Equity and Domestic Violence Team

The Cultural Equity and Domestic Violence team provides strategic workforce development training skills and resources to assist workers who engage with migrant, refugee or asylum seeker victims/surviv ...

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Disability and Sexual Violence Team

ECAV’s Disability and Sexual Violence (DSV) Portfolio Team was established in 2020. Our team is focused on enhancing specialist therapeutic service accessibility for children, young people and adul ...

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Medical and Forensic Team

People presenting to healthcare who have experienced violence, abuse and neglect (VAN) need timely, competent and compassionate medical care. For many accessing VAN services, this is a time of crisis ...

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Men’s Domestic and Family Violence Interventions (MDFVI) Team

The Men’s Domestic and Family Violence Interventions (MDFVI) team provides strategic workforce development and learning pathways, workshops and courses for NGO and NSW Health, and other Government wor ...

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Integrated Violence Abuse and Neglect (IVAN) Team

The Integrated Violence Abuse and Neglect (IVAN) Portfolio provides strategic workforce development, learning pathways, training, education, resources, and support to workers across NSW Health includi ...

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