Donna Roese

Integrated VAN Team Leader

Donna Roese has over 20 years’ experience working directly with children, young people, adults and families who have experienced interpersonal violence abuse and neglect. She has demonstrated clinical expertise in working with children and their families who have problematic or sexually harmful behaviour and has supported workers in doing this work through providing training, supervision and consultancy.

Donna participated in an Expert Advisory Panel for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on children and young people with problematic or sexually harmful behaviour.

She has many years’ experience in managing Sexual Assault and Violence Abuse and Neglect (VAN) services and is an experienced educator and trainer who has developed and delivered training for NSW Health workers, and other government and non-government workers throughout her career.

Donna has been involved in project management, workforce development, statewide working groups including NSW Health policy development, Standards Committees, VAN & JCPRP Forums, VAN Clinical Seniors Practice groups and has also provided supervision and consultation to many workers across government and non-government agencies.

Donna is passionate about the work of her Portfolio (and of ECAV) and is strongly committed to social justice, making a difference, ensuring interpersonal violence is made visible and that children’s, young people’s, adult’s and family’s experiences are heard and addressed through workers’ reflective, responsive and collaborative practice.


Amelia Hawkins

Senior Statewide Educator Sexual Assault

Amelia Hawkins is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in working with children and their families across all her roles. She is especially focused on providing clinical care and support to those who have been subject to abuse, trauma, interpersonal violence and complex mental health issues.

Amelia has worked with children and young people with complex emotional and behavioural difficulties and disorders, as well as in adult mental health – in non-government and government settings, and private practice. She continues to provide family therapy and clinical treatment for children, adolescents and parents, as well as assessments for the Children’s Court and Family Court systems.

Amelia has a depth of experience in offering consultation and clinical support to the important systems supporting these children (i.e. schools, out-of-home care agencies, foster carers, etc.) and delivers training for school networks in managing challenging student behaviours including sexualised behaviours and child protection issues.

In addition, Amelia delivers training on child protection, complex and developmental trauma, sexual assault and children under 10 with problematic or harmful sexual behaviours, and the assessment and treatment of children and families


Jessica Hulme

Senior Statewide Educator Sexual Assault

Jess has practiced as a social worker for many years at the intersection of the NGO and criminal justice sectors. She has worked with adults and young people in areas such as sexual assault, domestic and family violence, mental health, community reintegration for people leaving prison, homelessness, and drugs and alcohol.

Prior to joining ECAV, Jess was involved in implementing a university cultural change strategy in line with AHRH Change the Course Report recommendations. Her postgraduate study and recent projects have centred on developing sexual violence prevention education and training for sector development and capacity building. She is passionate about the mission of the violence and neglect sector and strives to achieve positive system change by contributing to, accessible, collaborative and ethical workforce development.


Krystal Evans

Senior Statewide Educator Sexual Assault

Krystal Evans is a passionate and committed social worker who has many years’ experience in working with children, young people, adults and their families who have experienced Violence, Abuse and Neglect in both the NGO and government sectors. Prior to joining ECAV, Krystal’s previous roles included direct counselling, case management, resource development, research, group development and facilitation at Rosie’s Place, Headspace and the Child Protection Counselling Service.

Krystal has developed and facilitated training and provided consultation to NSW Health workers, NGO workers and the Department of Education. Krystal adopts a trauma informed approach in both her practice and research work. Krystal is passionate and committed to collaborative practice ensuring children, young people, adults and families have a voice and children remain at the centre of practice.

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