Stephen Walton

MDFVI Team Leader

Steve Walton has been in the welfare sector for over 20 years. With extensive clinical experience in personal and couple counselling, post-separation and family violence, he was previously employed with non-government organisations as a team leader and manager for many years, specialising in Men’s Behaviour Change Programs.

Steve is passionate about education and systemic change. He is a strong advocate for women's rights and believes men should be encouraged to take the stand in the prevention of violence against women and children.

Employed as a Senior State-wide Educator with ECAV in early 2018, Steve became Team Leader in 2019. He enjoys cycling, mindfulness and sunny days.


Mozammel Haque

MDFVI Senior Statewide Education Officer

Prior to joining ECAV in 2017, Mozammel Haque (Moshi) worked with non-government organisations and UN agencies in Australia and overseas for more than 10 years. He brings experiences in community programmes, training and research in the areas of domestic violence, men’s domestic violence interventions, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Moshi is specialised in masculinities, gender relations and domestic violence among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities and how to engage men of CALD backgrounds effectively for domestic violence behavioural changes.

Moshi has completed a PhD at The University of Sydney. His PhD research project examines interplays between masculinities and domestic violence in Cambodia.

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