Lynda Andrews

Domestic Violence & Cultural Equity Manager

Lynda Andrews has worked in community for over 20 years in the NSW NGO sector and has a background in counselling, group work, casework, home visiting programs working with families experiencing domestic violence, mental health, and parenting issues across both the Blacktown and Hawkesbury LGA's.

The group work has consisted of domestic violence, supporting parents with children with ADHD & challenging behaviours, parenting programs (TTT), and healthy relationships for teens (DV education). Lynda has also had several years’ experience on management teams for a range of services including court support and refuges.


Eva Adamkiewicz

Senior Statewide Educator Cultural Equity

Eva Adamkiewicz has training and experience in journalism and experience in counselling, casework, community development, group work, training and management.

For the last 28 years, Eva was working with individuals and groups of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds on health and welfare issues. Eva is passionate for health services to be more inclusive by delivering informed and sensitive responses to adults and children of migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds who have experienced trauma, violence, abuse and neglect.

Nafiseh Ghafournia

Nafiseh Ghafournia

Senior Statewide Educator Cultural Equity

Nafiseh Ghafournia has a background in research around gender-based violence, social policy and immigration. Her main area of interest in domestic and family violence among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

She has worked as a multicultural health liaison officer in a range of settings in Hunter New England Local Health district for over 14 years. She has extensive experience working with CALD communities and delivers regular lectures and trainings to health professionals on cultural aspects of health, cultural competency and domestic and family violence.

Nafiseh is passionate about social justice and health equity for disadvantaged communities and in particular CALD women who have experienced domestic and family violence.


Wendy Frost

Senior Statewide Educator Domestic Violence

Wendy Frost has a background in mothercraft nursing, community services and mental health with over 40 years’ experience working with families impacted by experiences of interpersonal violence.

Wendy has worked in a range of settings across the NGO sector including home visiting programs, mental health services, court support and out of home care.

Wendy is passionate about ensuring the voices of children are heard and interventions hold the child at the centre of practice.


Hanna Jones

Senior Statewide Educator Domestic Violence

Hanna Jones has worked in the community sector for over 20 years, this has included the non-government (NGO) sector, the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) and NSW Health.

Her experience in the NGO sector focused on working with a people with a disability and included early intervention, day programs, life skills and managing a group home. Whilst at DCJ, Hanna worked across child protection, Out of Home Care and as a Casework Specialist for the Office of the Senior Practitioner. The Casework Specialist role focused on training and mentoring staff to ensure they were delivering evidenced based practice to the families that they were working with.

During her time with NSW Health, Hanna has worked in acute mental health, working in both Child and Adolescent Mental Health and completing triages and risk assessments for the Mental Health Line. She has also worked in the Child and Family Social Work team, supporting vulnerable families through a home visiting program. Additionally, she worked on a project that focused on teaching and mentoring managers to identify and support staff experiencing domestic and family violence.

Hanna is passionate about teaching and supporting staff to respond to domestic and family violence, to achieve the best outcomes for the people that we work with.

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