Lynda Andrews

Domestic Violence & Cultural Equity Team Leader.

Lynda Andrews has worked in community for over 20 years in the NSW NGO sector and has a background in counselling, group work, casework, home visiting programs working with families experiencing domestic violence, mental health, and parenting issues across both the Blacktown and Hawkesbury LGA's.

The group work has consisted of domestic violence, supporting parents with children with ADHD & challenging behaviours, parenting programs (TTT), and healthy relationships for teens (DV education). Lynda has also had several years’ experience on management teams for a range of services including court support and refuges.


Eva Adamkiewicz

Senior Statewide Educator Cultural Equity.

Eva Adamkiewicz has training and experience in journalism and experience in counselling, casework, community development, group work, training and management.

For the last 28 years, Eva was working with individuals and groups of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds on health and welfare issues. Eva is passionate for health services to be more inclusive by delivering informed and sensitive responses to adults and children of migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds who have experienced trauma, violence, abuse and neglect.


Jussey Verco

Senior Statewide Educator DVRS.

Originally from South Australia, Jussey Verco has worked in the area of domestic & family violence, child and sexual abuse and mental health for over 27 years.

Jussey has provided supervision, counselling, facilitated therapeutic groups (in each of the above areas, including with men who perpetrate violence and women victims/survivors) and has been involved in community development projects to provide education to agencies and to address the impact of violence and abuse on people’s lives.


Wendy Frost

Senior Statewide Educator Domestic Violence

Wendy Frost has a background in mothercraft nursing, community services and mental health with over 40 years’ experience working with families impacted by experiences of interpersonal violence.

Wendy has worked in a range of settings across the NGO sector including home visiting programs, mental health services, court support and out of home care.

Wendy is passionate about ensuring the voices of children are heard and interventions hold the child at the centre of practice.

Rakan Al-Omari

Rakan Al-Omari

Senior Statewide Educator Cultural Equity

Rakan is a Social Worker with extensive frontline experience working with culturally diverse and emerging communities in NSW, working with families in Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) in various roles & NGO’s.

In 2018, Rakan received the DCJ’s Excellence in Practice Award: Making a difference for children, young people and families for his work with migrant fathers using violence in their family relationships.

Rakan is a native Arabic speaker; his personal journey living across cultures, working experience and commitment to social justice has helped him acquire an in-depth understanding of the unique experience of culturally diverse and emerging communities in NSW.

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