Prior to Requesting Training

Prior to submitting a training request for an ECAV course to be delivered in your area, please:

  • read "What is Involved in Requesting & Coordinating an ECAV Course" available here.
  • review the course overview to ensure the training is suited to your training needs.
  • determine whether the workers who will be attending are eligible for the training (refer to the target group and/or pre-requisite details listed). 

When to Request Training (March – May annually)

ECAV training is scheduled by calendar year (January – December).

We deliver over 250 workshops each year, so time is required for planning and scheduling training requests.

To support ECAV processes and meet your needs,  please submit all your training requests between 17 March - 17 May for the following calendar year via our training request form.

If your organisation identifies new training needs and submits training requests outside of this period, we will do our best to consider these requests and advise of available options and/or possibilities. However, it’s likely approved requests will be scheduled the following calendar year.

For example, requests submitted 17 March – 17 May 2024, will be considered in the 2025 schedule. A request submitted September 2024 will likely be added to the schedule for 2026 (if no option for 2025 can be found).

How to Request ECAV Training

To request training, please submit your expression of interest via our training request form with as much detail as possible.

General Queries

If you have a general query and/or would like to discuss your training needs prior to submitting a training request, please:

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