ECAV collaborates with Catholic Care Aboriginal Women's gathering in Lightening Ridge

23 August 2023

We had a such a wonderful time meeting and connecting with this group of amazing ladies and their children.

We ran 2 workshops over the 2 days that focussed on Domestic/ Family violence and the impacts, as well as ways to support community who are experiencing it. They also got the opportunity to learn about the importance of self-care, self-love and mindfulness by attending 2 workshops which created space to practice self-care and understand how it can support healing. 

While the mums were learning and sharing the children got to do lots of fun activities provided by Catholic Care.

ECAV were invited by Catholic Care, Narromine to attend this women’s gathering which was hosted by the Wirringahs Elder group, the Aunties made sure everything ran smoothly starting with a beautiful welcome and smoking ceremony. The Aunties also  provided lovely feeds for us, they also looked after us and shared with us their experience and knowledge. We were so grateful for their support and care. Many of the ladies said that they got a lot out of the time and are wanting to now learn more.

A phrase that came out the discussion was “ feeling is healing” and sums up the few days beautifully.

Thanks to all involved.

Catholic Care Lightening Ridge Gathering



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