NSW Health has a well-established, evidence-based program of identification of domestic violence through routine screening, which is conducted in targeted health settings where intimate partner violence is known to be prevalent. The screening process also highlights the importance of safe responses and referral pathways from staff and services.

ECAV provides the training for staff who undertake routine screening across NSW. Every year, ECAV hosts a Forum that provides an opportunity for ongoing skill development and sharing of practice knowledge.

The 2022 forum was held recently, and was a celebration of 21 years of domestic violence routine screening in NSW Health and was focused around enablers, barriers and innovative solutions to increase screening rates. The forum was held face to face in Sydney with an option of attending virtually. It was a wonderful opportunity for staff to connect in person after the previous Forum being held online only.

Here's what some of the participants found useful in this year’s forum:

“Hearing others’ experiences”

“I found parts of all the presentations very useful”

“The time of each presentation allowed depth and exploration, safe and supportive space created. Food was great too”

“The wide variety of presenters from urban, regional and rural NSW. Good mix of content and mode of delivery”

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