Women From Walgett

Women from Walgett involved in ECAV’s Strong Aboriginal Women Program made a beautiful banner and domestic violence poster using colours of the Rwandan Flag. This was their gift to a group of Rwandan people who are committed to healing their community from recent genocide and violence. The aim was to send a message of hope and unity.

Jussey Verco, one of ECAV’s Domestic Violence State-wide Educators, was asked to accompany the Dulwich Centre team from South Australia who were invited to visit services who are working with survivors of the Rwandan genocide. An ongoing impact of the genocide has been the significant and increasing rates of domestic and family violence experienced by women and children in Rwanda. In preparation for this trip, Pam Greer and Virginnia Elliot, two of ECAV’s Strong Aboriginal Women program trainers, worked with the Walgett women on this artwork project.

In May 2019 this artwork along with traditional Aboriginal clap sticks, were presented to a group of women at the University of Rwanda, they  were powerfully moved by this act of generosity and solidarity from across the world. As one of the team reported: “At the end of the day, I saw our dear colleague dancing with happiness as she carried the banner and poster and clapsticks home with her. It was a very significant ritual of acknowledgement which I know will sustain her and her team.” ECAV’s connections with this group of courageous and committed people has only just begun.

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