SAM Forum 19th - 21st August 2019

Last week we had around 50 men from all over NSW take part in the ECAV Strong Aboriginal Men’s Forum which was held at Lake Burrendong Wellington NSW. The Forum was organised and delivered by ECAV Aboriginal Programs team with special mention to Victor Morgan and Ivan Clarke for leading this wonderful event.

The Strong Aboriginal Men’s forum  was a 3 day event that created the space and opportunity for Aboriginal Men to talk about their own experiences of either using violence or being survivors of violence it was also an opportunity to talk about the changes they have made or are continuing to make to create safe environments for woman, children and their communities. The men shared the amazing work that they are doing in their communities and discussed ways in which they could all support each other across the state. Following the Strong Aboriginal Men’s forum was a 2 day forum organised by No to Violence where Aboriginal service providers and non-Aboriginal services showcased the work that they are involved in with Aboriginal Men and their communities, the men that attended  the strong Aboriginal Men’s forum also attended this forum and voiced their concerns about service provision across the state. It was a fantastic exchange of knowledge shared by all and a very powerful week to see Strong Aboriginal Men making a stance against violence and advocating for the protection of women and children.

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