Medical & Forensic Update Days a Great Success

August 28, 2020


blood-pressure-g03b3d5bb0_640.jpgECAV held its annual Medical & Forensic Update Days on the 7 & 8 August 2020. This was the first year (due to COVID-19) that these days were delivered online and participants positively commented on the platform used.

A total of 113 Medical & Forensic Examiners attended the Adult Day and 96 attended the Paediatric Day. There were a wide range of speakers and topics, including transgender experience of sexual assault, disability and healthcare, management of adolescent sexual and reproductive health needs, strangulation and toxicology. There was an update from PARVAN and ECAV on the Medical & Forensic workforce and a FASS update.

As with all its workshops, ECAV conducted an evaluation with participants of the update days.

For the Adult Day there was a 65% response rate. There was resoundingly positive feedback about the day with participants stating that the sessions were informative and beneficial for ongoing development. The topics covered met the participants needs and they identified that the sessions on Transpeople & sexual assault: What we need to know; the FASS Update and Disability – Sexual Assault, Capacity & Consent as the most useful. The participants were engaged and also provides great ideas for further sessions and what could be covered in 2021.

For the Paediatric Day there was a 63% response rate. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with participants commenting on how knowledgeable the presenters were and that they took important of learnings from the sessions. The evaluations also demonstrated that the topics covered met the needs of the participants and the case studies used added to the learning by providing practical examples. While participants found all the sessions useful the two most highlighted sessions were strangulation in kids and Adolescents – risk assessment allowing dignity of risk vs safeguarding.

We thank all the participants for their attendance and participation. We would also like to thank Dr Ellie Freedman, Dr Kathy Kramer and Dr Dimitra Tzoumi for their hard work in making these Medical Forensic Updates Days a great success.

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