Adult and Child Medical and Forensic Update Days 2019

Over 50 NSW Health Medical and Forensic Examiners attended the Adult day on the 2 August with 37 participating online and over 40 Examiners attended the Child day on the 3 August with 22 participating online. The Adult day covered a range of informative presentations on legal issues, acquired brain injury, reproductive coercion, strangulation, mental health assessments and a FASS update. The Child day featured the keynote speaker, Professor Lori Frasier from the Department of Paediatrics at Penn State Milton Hershey Children’s Hospital. She explored early predictors of physical abuse and neglect of infants and determinations of injuries and medical conditions that mimic child sexual abuse.

Both days included an update from Dr Kathy Kramer and Dr Dimitra Tzioumi, Clinical Advisors from the Prevention and Response to Violence Abuse and Neglect Team (PARVAN), Ministry of Health. There was also time on each day for Examiners time to share learnings from recent cases, highlighting the complexity of skill and expertise in the NSW Health Medical and Forensic Workforce. 

Thanks to Dr Carol Stevenson, Dr Ellie Freedman and Dr Kathy Kramer for their hard work in hosting this professional development opportunity for NSW Health Examiners, it was a successful platform to come together to refresh skills and discuss clinical practice. Thanks to the Prevention and Response to Violence Abuse and Neglect Unit (PARVAN), Ministry of Health for their support.

All Examiners who attended received a hardcopy of the Integrated Violence, Abuse and Neglect Statistics and Research Resource, copies are available for download on the ECAV website

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